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[[Category:Unfinished pages]]
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percy was the engine who made bulstrode get towed to a beach on sodor


british railway talesEdit

an unhappy barge (does not speak)

thomas and friendsEdit

series 1Edit

trouble in the shed

percy runs away

whistles and sneezes

dirty objects

off the rails

thomas' christmas party

series 2Edit

thomas percy and the coal

cows (does not speak)

saved from scrap (cameo)

old iorn

percy and the signal

duke takes charge

percy and harold

the runaway (does not speak)

percy takes the plunge

pop goes the diesel

a close shave (cameo)

the deputation

thomas comes to breakfast


percys predictament

ghost train

wooly bear

thomas and the missing christmas tree (does not speak)

series 3Edit

a scarf for percy

percys promise

time for trouble

gordon and the famous visitor

donalds duck (cameo)

thomas gets bumped

thomas percy and the dragon

diesel does it again

the trouble with mud (cameo)

no joke for james

thomas percy and the post train

trust thomas (does not speak)

tobys tightrope

all at sea

tender engines (cameo)

escape (cameo)

oliver owns up

bulgy (cameo)

percy james and the friutful day

thomas and percys christmas adventure 

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