salty is the brother to bobby that used to work with him in bredlington


british railway talesEdit

the story of lucy (does not speak)

thomas and friendsEdit

series 6Edit

saltys secret

harvey to the rescue (cameo)

no sleep for cranky

its only snow (deleted scene)

gordon takes a tumble

series 7Edit

bill ben and fergus (cameo)

whats the matter with henry (cameo)

james and the queen if sodor (cameo)

the spotless record (cameo)

saltys stormy tale

peace and quiet 

best dressed engine (cameo)

not so hasty puddings (cameo)

series 8Edit

percys new whistle (cameo)

thomas to the rescue

emilys new route (deleted scene)

edward the great (cameo)

squeak rattle and roll (does not speak)

thomas and the circus


james goes to farr

percy and the magic carpet

series 9Edit

thomas and the rainbow (cameo)

thomas and the birthday picnic (cameo)

henry and the flagploe

keeping up with james (does not speak)

series 10Edit

toby afternoon off

seeing the sights (cameo)

thomas and the treasure

series 11Edit

emilys rubbish (deleted scene)

thomas sets sail

dont be silly billy

hide and peep (cameo)

thomas in trouble (does not speak)

series 12Edit

henry gets it wrong

series 14Edit

being percy (does not speak)

merry winter wish

thoms' crazy day (cameo)

series 15Edit

gordon and ferdinand (cameo)

percys new friends

edward the hero (cameo)

tree trouble (does not speak)

series 16Edit

percy and the monster of brendam

bust my buffers

sodor suprise day (cameo)

whiffs wish (does not speak)

happy birthday sir

the chrismas tree express

series 17Edit

kevins cranky firend

the thomas way (cameo)

not now charlie

too many fire engines (cameo)

away from the sea

gone fishing (cameo)

series 18Edit

old reliable edward (cameo)

flatbeds of fear

dissapearing diesels

thomas the quarry engine

missing gator

no steam without ocal

spencers VIP (cameo)

toads bright idea

long lost friend

emily saves the world

timothy and the rainbow car

series 19Edit

whos geoffrey

the truth about toby

a cranky christmas

toad and the whale

salty all at sea

reds vs blues (cameo)

the little engine who raced ahead

diesels ghostly christmas

no help at all

series 20Edit

henry gets the express

diesel and the ducklings

henry in the dark

series 21Edit

dowager hatts busy day (cameo)

stuck in gear

cranky at the end of the line

new crane on the dock

a shed for edward

emily in the middle

the big freeze (cameo)

series 22Edit

forever and ever (cameo)

confusin without delay

seeing is beleiving

counting on nia

hunt the truck

series 23Edit

panicky percy


calling all engines (does not speak)

the great discovery (does not speak)

misty island rescue

day of the diesels

king of the railway (cameo)

tale of the brave

the adventure begins (cameo)

sodors legend of the lost treasure

the great race

journey beyond sodor (cameo)

big world big adventures (cameo)

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